Court Documents

by EIC

During the past weeks, partners have published stories related to the International Criminal Court (ICC), its first prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo and the criminal policy instituted by him, as well as his wide network of influence that includes current ICC staff.

#CourtSecrets articles are based on over 40,000 documents, financial statements, diplomatic cables and correspondence, cross-checked with public sources that Mediapart shared with So far we choose to publish very little source documents. Upon request from various journalists, researchers and academics we publish here a selection of relevant documents, after redacting personal informations.

They reveal that after leaving the international organization, the Argentinean lawyer acted against ICC interests by assisting individuals seen as potential targets of the Court, disregarding conflicts of interest and the confidentiality of investigations, and operated his personal networks at the ICC to support his own clients. Documents show that Luis Moreno Ocampo indirectly paid staff at the Prosecutor's office to lobby the Court in favor of his clients.

Our revelations outline how the practices inspired by Ocampo are still underway in the Court, perpetuated by those loyal to him in The Hague.

Throughout his tenure and later, the former prosecutor compromised the impartiality and independence of this Court, which is supposed to be one of the world’s leading organizations for justice.

Furthermore, the documents show that Fatou Bensouda, the current chief prosecutor of the ICC, had a very close, trusting working relationship with her predecessor. In fact, the documents reveal that Bensouda has repeatedly not told the truth when her office stated on the record “that the Office of the Prosecutor has not sought advice, communicated or collaborated with the former Prosecutor”.

List of Documents