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European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) has evolved in less then a year from an informal group to a non-registered Association with it's seat in Hamburg. By now EIC partners are representing a diverse spectrum of European investigative journalism players: traditional media, non-profit and digital players. So we choose the most appropriate structure that can host the different mind-sets, organization types, skills, journalistic traditions and legal systems that co-exist in differe…

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By EIC.network

After finishing the publication of almost 100 stories under the Malta Files project, EIC.network has released in public the part of the data used for this research originating from the public Malta Registry of Companies. We have re-arranged, cleaned and made searchable in new ways the public information…

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by Anika Reker

As common for students of journalism, I have done tons of different smaller freelance jobs and internships - including periods at print and broadcasting media in my home country of Germany and abroad. I was almost at the end of my studies, and had seen enough to quit “internshipping” when the opportunity came up to work with an international collaboration of journalists focusing on investigations. Even though I had a master’s thesis craving my full attention, I could not resi…

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By Alex Morega, RCIJ/The Black Sea

The technology behind scouting through the largest leak in sports history

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In April 2016, the European Investigative Collaborations network of 12 major national news organisations received a dataset detailing shady business in football, and set about investigating the mass of rich contents.

This consisted of email inboxes, a bunch of PDF and Word documents, zip and r…

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Football Leaks is the largest leak in the history of sport - 1.9 Terabytes of information and a total of 18.6 million documents. Over 60 journalists in 12 countries are involved in the project, working for over seven months to reveal corruption among top officials, clubs, agents and players. The project also investigates those behind the scenes and the dirty deals that turn the beautiful game into an industry that extracts millions in cash.

We reveal how agents, intermediaries and club officials are perverting sporting ethics and tax …

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