EIC Workflow

Our primary purpose is the joint reporting and publication of investigative journalism with a focus on European topics to understand how power structures affect European communities.


The basis for cooperation among EIC member organizations is the regular sharing of information and consultations on possible story ideas. We have regular meetings and work on several fronts: tackling European stories; finding, compiling, processing or analyzing big data-sets; developing under Free Software license our own Network collaborative tools, platforms und information design.

We take a long-term approach and therefore involve in our collaborative projects the generation #25 to work together with senior reporters and editors.


This is a non-exclusive Network, meaning that members can be part of other Networks, but only one medium or media outlet from each European country can be an EIC member, ensuring national exclusivity.


Stefan Candea is coordinating the Network communication, workflow and tools development. Each investigative collaboration will have him working closely with the story initiator to decide on the work plan, tools and publication schedule.

Here are our governing principles:

We believe networks are here to stay. Due to their structure and methodology, collaborative networks are one of the few mechanisms able to keep up with the globalized power structures (ie. governments, corporations), thus becoming the only way forward for investigative journalism.

EIC is putting together different mind-sets, organization types and skills. This is insuring a flow of new challenges, ideas and approaches. Our aim is to build a European network to focus on independent, high-quality cross-border and European investigative journalism projects.

Our focus areas: (un)organized crime, environment, sport, public spending, corporate corruption, lobby, public health, religious groups, state aid, military & secret services, banks & finance, labor markets, migration.