Malta Files

The Malta Files show how the Mediterranean state works as a pirate base for tax avoidance inside the EU. Although profiting from the advantages of EU membership, Malta also welcomes large companies and wealthy private clients who try to dodge taxes in their home countries.

Over the last three months, has dug into hundreds of thousands of documents that show how Malta operates a tax system where companies pay the lowest tax on profits in the EU.

This damages the budgets of other EU-countries and reveals a weakness in the European Union, which allows member states sovereign rights over their taxation.

The Malta Files investigative project was undertaken by the network European Investigative Collaborations (EIC), which has brought together 13 media and 49 journalists in 16 countries and 12 languages.

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The team


DER SPIEGEL (Rafael Buschmann) and RCIJ/TBS (Craig Shaw)


Reporting: Alain Jennotte, Alain Lallemand, Joël Matriche (Le Soir); Jürgen Dahlkamp, Christoph Henrichs, Gunther Latsch, Christoph Pauly, Jörg Schmitt (Der Spiegel); Yann Philippin (Mediapart); Michael Bird, Zeynep Sentek, Craig Shaw, Vlad Odobescu, Catalin Prisacariu, Stefan Candea (RCIJ/TBS); Milorad Ivanovic, Blaž Zgaga (NewsWeek Serbia); Hanneke Chin, Merijn Rengers, Esther Rosenberg (NRC); Paula Guisado, Hugo Garrido, José F. Leal (El Mundo); Kristoffer Orstadius (Dagens Nyheter); Micael Pereira, Miguel Prado (Expresso); Vittorio Malagutti, Gloria Riva, Giovanni Tizian, Stefano Vergine (L'Espresso); Matthew Vella (MaltaToday); Ruben Berta, Anna Carolina Cardoso, Andrew Fishman, Ana Freitas (The Intercept); Lúcio de Castro, Raquel Cordeiro (The Intercept/Agência Sportlight)

Sergejs Pavlovs from Latvia contributed to the reporting.

Information Design (choreography and production by Paula Guisado): Corina Dragomir (RCIJ/TBS); Pablo Medina, Maite Vaquero, Isabel González (El Mundo); Donatien Huet (Mediapart)

Technology: Alex Morega, Gabriel Vijiala (RCIJ/TBS); Stephan Heffner (DER SPIEGEL); Nicolas Barthe-Dejean (Mediapart)

Project Guide

Stefan Candea, RCIJ/TBS