Mapping The Weapons Of Terror

East Europe’s shadow gun market is fuelling terrorism in the west, as criminal gangs use legal loopholes and open borders to traffic weapons.

An international team of journalists who are part of the newly established network European Investigative Collaborations has spent three months detailing how Brussels’ failure to impose comprehensive directives has facilitated the sale of deadly weapons.

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After three months of collaboration, partners of EIC published their own versions of the stories in the following media:


The team


DER SPIEGEL (Jörg Schmitt, Jürgen Dahlkampf) and Le Soir(Alain Lallemand)



Andreas Ulrich, Wolf Wiedmann-Schmidt, Der Spiegel; Fabrice Arfi, Karl Laske, Matthieu Suc from Mediapart; John Hansen, Jakob Sheikh, Politiken; Milorad Ivanovic, Newsweek Serbia; Lukas Matzinger, Falter; Irene Velasco, El Mundo; Vlad Odobescu and Michael Bird from The Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism / The Black Sea

  • Ján Kuciak from Slovakia has contributed to this research.

Information Design

Pablo Medina, Javier J. Barriocanal and Paula Guisado, El Mundo; Donatien Huet, Mediapart; Jean-Philippe Demonty and Marc Vanderbel, Le Soir; Martin Brinker, Max Heber und Chris Kurt, DER SPIEGEL.


Stefan Candea, RCIJ