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In 2016, European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) started publishing in-depth reportage focused on events critical to Europe. The network currently includes more than 100 journalists, information-designers and technologists working together on specific large-scale projects. Due to our many meetings and conversations, small groups of journalists in our network discuss ideas for cross-border stories and publish articles that enlist the talents of the reporters from our pool of professionals. Links to such stories are listed below.


Falter [AT]


Gazeta Sporturilor [RO]

(Re-publishing EIC research outside our network)

Gazeta Sporturilor

The team


  • for the Turkish cables, initiator was Haznain Kazim.
  • for the stories on Volkswagen, the initiator is Blaz Zgaga.
  • for the stories on Airbus, the initiators are Jörg Schmitt, Yann Philippin and Martine Orange.
  • for the stories called Kazakhgate, the initators are Alain Lallemand and Yann Philippin.
  • for the far right stories the initiators are Marine Turchi, Stefano Vergine and Sven Becker.
  • for the stories called Uzbek Leaks, the initiator was Yann Philippin.
  • for the Isabel do Santos stories the initiator was Micael Pereira.
  • for the FashionLeaks the initiator was Yann Philippin.


Haznain Kazim, John Hansen, Craig Shaw, Michael Bird, Blaz Zgaga, Jörg Schmitt, Sven Becker, Jürgen Dahlkampf, Yann Philippin, Martine Orange, Marine Turchi, Alain Lallemand, Joel Matriche, Vittorio Malagutti, Stefano Vergine, Micael Pereira, Paula Guisado, Esther Rosenberg, Hanneke Chin.