Bois Rouge

An investigation that is showing how the barter of conflict timber in exchange for Wagner mercenaries works in the Central African Republic.

Read about how the Central African Republic gave away its forest to the private military group Wagner. Because of the inefficiency of the timber controls in Europe, Wagner conflict timber cannot be stopped from reaching European clients, despite existing sanctions.

Timber for Mercenaries was conducted in collaboration with All Eyes on Wagner, a project by the French NGO OpenFacto. Read also about the methodology of doing such an investigation here.

The team


Radio Television Suisse (Dimitri Zufferey), Mediapart (Justine Brabant) and OpenFacto (Team All Eyes on Wagner).



Team All Eyes on Wagner (OpenFacto), Justine Brabant (Mediapart), Dimitri Zufferey (Radio Television Suisse), Micael Pereira (Expresso), Stefan Candea (EIC), Stefano Vergine (Il Fatto Quotidiano), Alain Jennotte (Le Soir), Nicola Naber, Oliver Imhof, Rafael Buschmann (DER SPIEGEL).

Project Design & Guide

Stefan Candea