Europe On Coke

Europe is flooded with massive amounts of cocaine, at record high purity.

Large captures and high purity of cocaine on the streets of Europe show that traditional production and supply chains of this drug have been disrupted. A team of journalists, who are part of the network European Investigative Collaborations, has been investigated this phenomenon for the last several months

The team


DER SPIEGEL (Jörg Schmitt, Jürgen Dahlkamp)



Mark Eeckhaut (De Standaard), Blaž Zgaga (Nacional), Joerg Schmitt (Der Spiegel), Sylvain Besson and Simone Rau (Tamedia), Álvaro Sánchez Castrillo (infoLibre), Jan Meeus (NRC), Vittorio Malagutti and Francesca Sironi (L’Espresso)

Project Guide

Stefan Candea