Court Secrets

This investigation analyzes the criminal policy instituted by the first prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno Ocampo.

Court Secrets is a project by which will publish a series of articles based on over 40,000 documents, financial statements, diplomatic cables and correspondence, cross-checked with public sources.

These documents, obtained by Mediapart (France) and shared with, throw light on how his actions deeply tainted and discredited this international court, established by 124 countries to prosecute warlords and dictators, perpetrators of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The Court Secrets investigative project was undertaken by the network European Investigative Collaborations (EIC), which has brought together over 20 journalists based in 11 countries from Africa and Europe.

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We will be uploading all our stories below, published in different languages and on different platforms. A record of reactions or references to our stories are collected using annotations here. Here we publish some of the documents that support our stories.


The team


Mediapart (Fabrice Arfi)


Reporters: Fabrice Arfi, Stéphanie Maupas, Fanny Pigeaud (Mediapart), Sven Becker, Marian Blasberg, Dietmar Pieper (Der Spiegel), Hanneke Chin-A-Fo (NRC Handelsblad), Amanda Strydom, (ANCIR); Michael Bird, Zeynep Sentek, Craig Shaw (RCIJ/TBS); Blaž Zgaga (Nacional); Alain Lallemand, Joël Matriche (Le Soir); Paula Guisado (El Mundo); Stefano Vergine (L’Espresso); Micael Pereira (Expresso); Jonathan Calvert, George Arbuthnott (The Sunday Times).

Tech and info-design: Alex Morega, Gabriel Vijiala (RCIJ/TBS); Stephan Heffner (DER SPIEGEL); Nicolas Barthe-Dejean, Donatien Huet (Mediapart); Marien Jonkers (NRC Handelsblad)

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